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A to Z World Languages, Un-Trained Interpreters

A to Z World Languages, Inc. is operated by Mohammed Al Ostaz. He advertises quality trained interpreters. What he actually provides is completely different. Mohammed recruits individuals off the streets from coffee shops and local mosque and by puting up posters. To interpreter for him all an individual must do is claim they speak a language. He does not provide, testing, training, certification, contractors insurance or anything from the interpreters. Most of them are sent to interpret without even completing any forms or proving right to work in the United States. Some of his interpreters themselves speak little to no English. Mohammed was warned by the State of South Dakota about sending sign language interpreters to hospitals and clinics that are not credentialed to do so. However, no laws exist in Sioux Falls for foreign language interpreters. One intepreter he knowingly sent to Sanford USD Medical center was convicted of armed robbery. I am hoping everyone stops using his service until he can prove trained interpreters as he advertises on his website or he informs people that use his services that he provides no training, background checks, or even verifies the language an individual claims they speak. This report is verifiable. Please contact Jeff Munce at the City of Sioux Falls, Jill at the Minnehaha County Courthouse, and anyone that works or who has worked for Mohammed and you will find there is no training provided, interpreters are completely AD-HOC off the streets. Also check with Mohammed's competitors see what they have to say, Lutheran Social Services, Phase II, etc. You can also verify through Guy Ike South Dakota Department of Labor. It appears the State of South Dakota considers Mohammed's contracts illegal and they are after him for back employment taxes and to change the illegal way he does business. Mohammed picks individuals from the streets and has them sign a contract that states that they are contractors. In this contract he keeps them from competing against him and for working for others that compete against him. He maintains complete control over them by demanding they not give out their personal information, cell phones etc. If there is a pay descrepency interpreters have no recourse. Several interpreters will tell you Mohammed owes them money. Some are working with department of labor and lawyers to obtain back wages owed. IRS code specifies he violates the contractor code in all three areas: Behavioral Control - Training – if the business provides you with training about required procedures and methods, this indicates that the business wants the work done in a certain way, and this suggests that you may be an employee. Mohammed advertises he provides training but several interpreters will tell you they have never had training. A few will tell you that he had them go to the Public Library for two hours we he specifically talked about himself. Then he goes over rules these rules tell them how to perform their job. Such as arrive 15 minutes early, wait 15 minutes if a patient or individual does not show up before leaving. Since Mohammed does not provide a general approved training for the industry such as explained for curriculum at IMIA (International Medical Interpreters Association) and focusses only on how interpreters do their job he is maintaining control and is in violation according the the Internal Revenue Service. Opportunity for Profit or Loss – if you can realize a profit or incur a loss, this suggests that you are in business for yourself and that you may be an independent contractor. Since there is no investment by interpreters, Id badges, business cards, work orders etc. There is no opportunity for loss. Gas and mileage for out of town trips are also reimbursed. There is only gain on the interpreter side therefore they are an employee. Financial Relationship of the Parties - While the contract may stipulate necessary eliments to protect the Owner's business it can not limit the control of the contractor. The contractor must be free to work and compete in the market place - free to advertise, make contracts of their own. Since Mohammed's contracts solely prohibit competition, advertisement, or providing their personal information these individuals are employee's. Before you use this company do your homework.
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To my dear Customers,

Don't be fooled by this “report.” The complaint is NOT from a customer. The information is not factual, and is not true.

A to Z World Languages provides quality service to hundreds of happy customers. Contact us for a long list of references that will tell you first-hand of their satisfaction with my business and our services, or go to the customer list on our website:

we are a reputable company that has been in business since 2003. Our success is based on our commitment to excellent customer service, and to our use of the highest standards of business ethics.

We have been accused here by an anonymous poster using a false name which is the owner’s last name, but our real customers will tell you about our dedication and quality services.

To give you the comfort and assurance you deserve I will be more than happy to supply you with relevant information to prove the contrary of the false accusations posted.

Yours truly,

Mohammed Al-Ostaz

A to Z World Languages inc

P.O. Box 971

Sioux Falls, SD. 57101

(605) 275-6565


Don’t be fooled by this posting, this person appears to be an inferior competitor who is using lies and a false name to affect the reputation of a 10 year old business with a sound record of success. If you pay attention to the posting it starts with a lie. The person posting this is going by the name of Al Ostaz and he or she is reporting Mohammed Al Ostaz the owner of A to Z World Languages, so if the start is a lie, do you expect the contents of the complain to carry much truth ?

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